The NexusAG Approach to Agriculture

Global agriculture faces unique challenges. Sustainable farming is the solution to addressing these challenges. From this perspective, we evolved as specialists in customised crop solutions providing prosperity to all stakeholders.

Being a responsible corporate citizen, we engage with stakeholders and consider the social and natural environment across all our operations.

Our logo illustrates our core values.


Our business is aimed at growing healthy, sustainable and nutritious crops.


Our actions are targeted towards having a positive environmental impact.


We have a shared vision and meaningful partnerships to ensure the prosperity of our communities and stakeholders.

Commitment to Compliance

NexusAG fully supports stewardship requirements as laid down by suppliers, CropLife SA and global regulatory bodies.

We adhere to positive agricultural practices and our agronomists are all accredited by CropLife SA, a non-profit industry association that enables its members to be providers of environmentally compatible solutions that ensure sustainable, safe and affordable food production, and therefore global food security.

Furthermore, we believe in empowering people through partnership and skills transfer initiatives – a key component of its socio-economic involvement.